Welcome Year 6 to your Individuals and Societies Taster Lesson.

Global Context

Scientific and Technological Innovation

Key Concept


Debatable Question

Who was the most influential inventor during the Industrial Revolution?

Key Terminology

Define the key terms above by using the 'Useful Links' below.

Useful Links

Activity One - Watch

The Industrial Revolution was a period of time that was full of change and new ideas for all sorts of people. New inventions allowed people to travel with ease, create new goods and find new forms of energy. We will watch the YouTube clip as a group and while we do you will complete the questions below.

Useful Resources

Industrial Revolution - Question Grid

Activity Two - Research 

Thank you to Ms. Ogden and Mr. Bosson for this lesson.

To look at the scientific and technological innovations within the Industrial Revolution the group is going to be divided to work in teams of three. Each team will be given an inventor to focus on. One of the inventors created his changes close to where I grew up! Each group will be given an organiser sheet and a fact file to use. You will need to come up with clear reasons why your inventor created the most important change during the Renaissance period. To help you to do this you will describe the invention, give three reasons why the invention is important and how it helped to change the world. We will then discuss each teams findings with the whole group and vote on who was the most important inventor.

Copy of Who was the most important inventor in the Industrial Revolution

Useful Resources

1 - Richard Arkwright - The Father of the Factory

Further Reading

Richard Arkwright - 10 facts on the Industrial Revolutionist

2 - James Watt - Mr Power

Further Reading

James Watt - The Engineer

3 - Humphry Davy - The Miner's Friend

Further Reading

Humphry Davy 

4 - George Stephenson - The Father of the Railways

Further Reading

George Stephenson

5 - Henry Bessemmer - The Man of Steel

Further Reading

Henry Bessemer

6 - James Brindley - The Canal Creator

Further Reading

James Brindley

Activity Three

We are now going to look at what you have learnt throughout this lesson and what you hope to learn about in I&S when you join us for your Secondary education.

Useful Resource