003 - Exploring Glacial Landscapes

Debatable Question

To what extent do Alpine Environments hold opportunities for scientific and technical innovation?

Approaches to Learning

Research - Media Literacy Skills - Interacting with media to use and create ideas and information - Compare, contrast and draw connections among (multi) media resources.

Key Terminology

  • Virtual Reality

  • Crevasse

  • Glacial Lake and Flood Plain

We will be using the key terms above throughout the lesson but if you are still unsure on what they are click on the 'Useful Links' below:

Useful Links

Activity One - Exploration

For this lesson we will mainly be using the resources created and curated by Mr. Allaway to explore an Alpine Environment within Switzerland. It is quite tech focused which is why we are using Mr. Allaway's website - www.geographyalltheway.com to do this. Thank you for all of the resources and activities for this lesson. We will be focusing on the Moiry Glacier in Switzerland for this lesson but the VR website also gives virtual field trips for other locations within Switzerland, California in the USA and the Lake District in the UK. So while we are investigating one place if you are excited by what you see then have a look at the other areas at home.

Before I let you lose on Mr. Allaway's website we are going to watch the YouTube clip in the 'Useful Resources' box below and you are going to make notes (bullet points) on the following questions: Remember to do this on paper using a blue or black inked pen.

  1. What does the virtual field trip allow you to do?

  2. What resources have been used for these virtual field trips?

  3. Click on the Google Map and describe where the Moiry Glacier is in Switzerland?

  4. Using geographyalltheway - Exploring Glaciated Landscapes - complete the questions under 'Location' and 'Glacial Systems'.

Useful Resources

VR Glaciers and Glaciated Landscapes

Produced by the University of Worcester (UK), Quaternary Research Associated and the British Society of Geomorphology

Activity Two - The Retreat

We will be using the Swiss Glaciers website to answering the questions below. The questions are focusing on when the Moiry Glacier last advanced (got bigger) and retreated (got smaller). While ultimately the Moiry Glacier has reduced its length by over 933m between the years 1891 and 2021 that does not been the process has been smooth and continual. To investigate this further you are going to interpret data from two key graphs. After all what is a Geography lesson with out a good piece of graphical stimulus! Oh and you may need a calculator to help you with some of the questions - no need to be scared though.

  1. In which year did the Moiry Glacier last advance?

  2. In which year did the Moiry Glacier lose the most in length? How much did it lose?

  3. How much length in metres has the Moiry Glacier lost since you were born?

  4. Why does there seem to be no data for some years?

  5. Taking an average of lost metres over the last 10 years, how much length is the glacier projected to lose in the next 50 years?

  6. Suggest why your answer to question 5 may not be accurage?

Useful Resources

Activity Three - Exploring Landforms

We are now going to go back to Mr.Allaway's website - www.geographyalltheway.com - to explore erosional and depositional landforms. You will be going back the VR Glaciers Site, specifically looking at location sites 12, 18 and 23 for the Moiry Glacier, and you will be answering the questions that Mr. Allaway has set. I have given you a couple of websites to look at when you are asked to find out what certain landforms are (these are in the 'Useful Resources' box below, the image is also a link to a website). Instead of completing the questions on paper you will need to open a Google Doc to record your answers. Remember to give you Google Doc a sensible file name like 'Glaciated Landforms in the Moiry Valley' and to put it in your Year 11 I&S folder in your Google Drive.

Erosional Landforms

Landforms that have been created when a glacier scrapes away and the landscape and changes it.

Revision World - Erosional Landforms

Depositional Landforms

Landforms that have been created when the glacier drops (deposits) material (rocks and stones).

Antarctic Glaciers - Depositional Landforms