006 - How to be a Tomb Raider

Significant Concept

To understand why people wanted to raid the ancient pyramids of Egypt.

Key Terminology

  • Tomb
  • Raid


  • As you you watch the clip below suggest why people would want to break into a pyramid.


You are the Pharoah's architect and it is your job do hide the tomb in the pyramid safely. Draw an outline of a pyramid with a series of routes with no more than 30 steps. There must be 8 'hidden' chambers in your pyramid and seven of them will have traps on them. Only one will be the true hiding place of the Pharaoh.

You are a tomb robber and you have been given six different pieces of equipment to help you find the treasure of the Pharaoh. You will be given a dice and this will determine how many steps you can take in to the pyramid. Every time you shake the dice you add one hour to your total time in the pyramid. If you fall on a trap then you will be delayed further. How quick can you find the treasure?