006 - Impact of Nuclear Energy

Debatable Question

'Nuclear energy is the saviour of power.' Discuss

Key Terminology

            • Discuss

Define the key term above by using the 'Useful Link' below and the posters in the classroom.

Useful Link

Activity One - Debate

The group will be divided into two to look at either the positive or negative impacts of nuclear energy. One group will focus on GreenPeace's views and the other will focus on why energy poor countries such as France, UK and Japan continue to use nuclear energy. To present your findings you will be creating an infographic using piktochart to visually show your results. As it is an infographic you are focusing on the importance of comparable data and your skills at presenting information in an interesting way.

Before we start anything we need to find out what an infographic is:

      1. What is an infographic?
      2. Find an infographic that you like and write down why you like it.
      3. Find an infographic that you don't like and write down why you don't like it.

Key Requirements

        • At least two graphs
        • 50% of your infographic needs to be images/graphs/maps
        • Bibliography
        • Hand in the investigating sheet
        • Email your teacher the link to your piktochart once finished

Things to Think About

        • Size of writing
        • Colour
        • Be persuasive

Before you start using piktochart you need to research data and ideas to put in it. To do this you will filling in a copy of the research grid below, this will help me to assess Criteria B - Investigating.

Nuclear Energy - Investigating

Using PiktoChart

Thank you to Richard Allaway for putting this help sheet together.

      • Log in to Piktochart by clicking 'sign up for free', choose google and sign in with your school email address.
      • Click 'create new' and choose infographic.
      • Choose the blank template.
      • Give your infographic a name.
      • Start creating - if you are unsure of how to use things look at the help sheet below as there is a useful clip to watch which outlines how to use infographics.

How will I be assessed?

Infographic - Individuals and Societies

Alternative Assessment

You work for GreenPeace and it is your job to create a guide that explains the impact that nuclear energy has on the world today. The guide needs to include the following:

Key Requirements

      1. What nuclear energy is.
      2. Why countries feel the need to use nuclear energy. The justifications they use and then why GreenPeace do not accept those thoughts. The focus could be France and the UK.
      3. Why GreenPeace do not want countries to extend their nuclear energy programmes. Focus on what happens when it goes wrong (Sellafield, Chernobyl, Fukushima).
      4. What are the feasible alternatives to the increased demand for energy? (Renewable sources of energy).

How can I achieve the highest grades?

While this assignment is to produce a guide we will be focusing on the Assessment Criteria A (Knowledge and Understanding) and Criteria B (Investigating). To assess Criteria B effectively you need to complete the following things:

      • Devise a challenging research question. Use the command terms on the cupboard doors to help you do this.
      • Create an action plan to complete the project.
      • Effectively collect your research.
      • Evaluate the process.

All of this will be complete on mindmiester which you will print off and hand in with your guides.

Copy of Criteria B - Investigating