001 - Mapping

Significant Concept

To have knowledge of the location of Egypt, what the physical landscape is like and where people predominantly lived.

Key Terminology

  • Cataracts


Watch part of the 'How Earth Made Us' Water episode on the changing desert landscape and water in Egypt. Students will make notes on the follow points:

  1. What evidence is there to suggest that water was once abundant in the desert?
  2. Why is water important in Egypt?
  3. What is in the water that helps to make the crops fertile?
  4. How did the Egyptians measure the water levels on the Nile?
  5. Include any interesting information about Egypt.

Activity Part One

  1. Take a piece of A4 paper from the front of the classroom and draw a large box that will almost cover the whole of the page. Remember to use a pencil and ruler.
  2. Inside that box draw an outline of Egypt.
  3. Mark on to your map the following things:
      • The Nile
      • The cataracts
      • Upper Egypt
      • Lower Egypt
      • Delta

Text Box

Remember to include:

  • Title
  • Compass Points
  • Scale
  • Key

Activity Part Two

  1. Using pages 70 to 75 of the 'Ancient World' textbook for information, annotate you map with interesting points on:
    • Farming
    • Trade
    • Travel
    • Facts on the Nile