007 - Climate Change in the Alps

Conceptual Question

How does the changing climate impact the physical and human Alpine system?

Key Terminology

Using the 'useful links' below define the key terms above.

Useful Links

Activity One - Positive Feedback Loops

There is often a lot of talk about climate change and it can quite frankly get a little boring, especially when the impacts to us seem minimal. After all slightly longer summers mean we get more time to enjoy Lake Leman, even if the classrooms get a bit sweaty. How do we all fit in this cycle of change and therefore what are our wider impacts?

Useful Resources

Activity Two - Evidence

Geography is often based on empirical information and specifically data which is then interpreted in multiple ways. Looking at the impact that climate change has on the glacial environment is exactly that but how it is then viewed depends on the eyes of the beholder. While some of you may not see the initial beauty in change Fabian Oefner, a Swiss landscape photographer, has tried to connect the scientific data with landscape photography to help bring change to life. Watch the youtube clip by Oefner titled 'Timelines' below. You do not need to do anything but watch. Sometimes passively watching something and taking it all in rather than racing to write notes is important to capture the meaning. Make the most of it, we don't do this very often!

Activity Three - Data - How do we know?

So far we have looked at how climate change and glacial areas are intrinsincally linked together. We are now going to investigate this much more on the national scale by looking at the changes in Switerland. Thank you Mr. Allaway - www.geographyalltheway.com for doing all the hard work by collating a series of graphs and articles that will help us to explore these changes. Make a copy of the note making frame from Mr. Allaway's website and answer the questions. This is all going to be done online so you will need to share the notes with me. 

Command Terms

Describe - say what you see. If you have a graph you need to use data to help you to describe the changes.

Explain - this is the why. If you are unsure put the word because in you sentence as this will help you to give a reason why something is happening.

Key Terms

Remember to use key geography terms to help you to describe changes: