001 - Global Trade 

and Illegal Flows

Geographic Knowledge and Understanding

An overview of contemporary global networks and flows:

- global trade in materials, manufactured goods and services

- illegal flows, such as trafficked people, counterfeit goods and narcotics


Global network flows occur between different places which can create power vacuums. 


Key Terminology

Define the word above by using the 'Global Interactions' textbook by Oakes Page 12.

Activity One - Describe - Core and Periphery

It is useful to review what a core and periphery are before we begin to look at what has helped to enable trade and therefore global links. This is something we have explored in the Core element of the course - both in the Resources and Population units, so hopefully, this should be more of a review. 

Useful Resources

Activity Two - Watch

Now you have reviewed where the global core and periphery are it is useful to understand what has enabled the development of global trade. If you were here in Year 9 some of this may feel familiar. 

Useful Resources

The rise and fall of global trade

The Financial Times


Wendover Productions

Activity Three - Comprehension - Global Trade

We now need to get some notes down onto paper about the growing dominance of Asia when it comes to manufacturing and the associated trade. To do this we going to use the Simon Oakes's textbook 'Geography. Global Interactions' Page 12 - 15 to answer the following questions.

Activity Four - Illegal Flows

When the words illegal trade or illegal flows are used people often think about the movement of narcotics or human trafficking, but does the illegal movement of 'things' have to be so sinister? Overstaying a tourist visa or passing a country border without declaring that you have entered can also be classified as an illegal flow. So too can the movement of our waste such as waste caused by the increased number of electronics that are thrown away every year. 

Useful Resources

This lesson was development in collaboration with Richard Allaway from geographyalltheway. For more resources please visit www.geographyalltheway.com