002 - Is it all as it seems?

Factual Question

What is Africa's culture like?

Conceptual Question

How is "Africa" perceived? 

How have trade and associated global interactions affected Africa?

Key Terminology

Define the words above using the useful links below. Remember to write your answers in full sentences.

Useful Links

Activity One - Africa or Not?

People often have very specific views on what Africa is like, but what do you personally think of the makeup of the continent? 


Activity Two - Describe

In Individuals and Societies, we use evidence from a variety of sources to understand what is happening in the world. Maps are often used to visually represent data whether it illustrates the shape of the land or represents the average earnings of a country. Below is a choropleth map which shows the number of people per km squared in Africa. But what is a choropleth map?

Image One - Map to show Africa's population.

Activity Three - Research and Communicate

Africa is a diverse continent both in terms of its landscape but also its culture. In fact, there are over 100 different ethnic groups with each having its own language, traditions, history, art, and crafts. And more than 1000 different languages have been recorded within the continent. You are going to create a detailed study of a specific ethnic group from the list below (this is not an exhaustive list). Make a copy of the Google Doc and remember to give it a sensible title (Year - Subject - Unit - Lesson).

Ethnic Groups

Useful Resources

How will I be assessed?

You will be assessed using Criterion A - Knowing and Understanding and Criterion C - Communicating