002 - Impact

Syllabus Point

Discuss (AO3) the potential impact of global climate change (global warming) on the indigenous populations, settlement and economic activities in extreme environments.

Key Terminology

  • Discuss
  • Climate Change
  • Indigenous Populations

Define the words above by using the 'Command Term' posters in the classroom, your 'Geography Course Companion' and the useful links below.

Useful Links

Activity One - Describe

Image One - Change in length of glacier (m)

Taken From: http://i.imgur.com/BMFSF8p.png
  1. Describe what is happening in the graph above. Remember to use data.
  2. Why do you think these changes are taking place? Explain your answer. If you are struggling review the useful link below.

Useful Resources

Activity Two - Indigenous Population

Taken From: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5627862ce4b07be93cfb9461/564ced6fe4b03632181a9378/564ceda3e4b03632181a9620/1449777789073/p.10+Climate+March+(1).jpg

While indigenous people are increasingly integrated in to the globalised world those that are more marginalised are really beginning to feel the impact of global climate change. Watch the youtube clip and read the reports by the UN and Climate Home below and make notes on how the indigenous population are impacted by global climate change. Also write down the adaptations that the people have made to cope with the rising temperatures and changes in precipitation. Do remember though that we are only focusing on indigenous groups that live in extreme environments.

Useful Resources

Activity Three - Economic Activities

Taken From: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/content/dam/Travel/ski/tignes-indoor-slope-large.jpg

We have explored a number of opportunities that can take place in extreme environments ranging from the extraction of oil in Alaska to farming in the desert. While humans have adapted to utilise these areas the change in climate can further impact what they do. The first four useful resources below describe the changes that are being made and how resorts are aiming to cope with warming weather. Of course the articles primarily focus on the Chamonix Valley as that is now our area of expertise.

  • Create a mind map using one colour to show the problems and another to give the potential solutions.

While tourism in the Alps has been greatly impacted due to the warming of temperatures not all industries are seeing the changes as a negative. Read article to find at how we can benefit from climate change in extreme environments. Add your findings to the mind map above in a different colour.

Useful Resources

      1. Bloomberg - Climate Change - Mer de Glace
      2. The Guardian - A Glorious Winter, but the Alps face a warmer world
      3. The Telegraph - Why is a leading Alpine ski resort building an indoor slope?
      4. Powder - How a tarp is helping to save skiing in Chamonix
      5. Climate Network - Melting Ice Shrinks Shipping Routes
      6. The Washing Post - Climate change will open up surprisingly new Arctic shipping routes

Exam Style Question

Compare and contrast the impact that climate change may have on economic activities in extreme environments. (10 marks)

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