002 - Nation States and historical hegemons of power

Factual Question

What factors are needed to be a Nation State?

What events separated state from religion?

What is a hegemony of power?

Debatable Question

To what extent is having a strong military force the primary factor in developing a hegemony of power?

Activity One - Define

  1. What factors define a Nation State?
  2. What is the difference between a sovereign state and those who are part of a global state system?

Useful Resources

Activity Two - Watch

  • As you watch the Youtube clip below answer the following questions (there is also a website link that will help you):
      1. What factors made the Holy Roman Empire so strong?
      2. Why did the 30 years war occur?
      3. How did the 30 years war end?
      4. Why is the Peace of Westphalia in 1648 a crucial date for defining Nation States?

Useful Resource

Activity Three - Exploration of Hegemons

  1. Define the term hegemony?
  2. In teams of approximately 4 you will investigate why the following Empires became powerful and had influence over others. Record you answers on the flip chart paper given to you along with examples of the power and influence. We will discuss your answers as a group to identify the commonalities and differences between them.

Useful Resource

Example One - Ancient Egypt

We are exploring the ideas of power as these characteristics form the basis of our greatest superpowers of today.

Activity Three - Write

  • Using the examples from the whole group discussions and your own research answer the following question as an extended piece of writing.

To what extent is having a strong military force the primary factor in developing a hegemony of power?


      • What is a hegemony?
      • How has military force made countries/empires strong? Give evidence from the presentations
      • Where there any other factors which made countries/empires strong? Evidence


      • Approximately 1000 words
      • Introduction, main body and a clear conclusion
      • Size 12 font
      • Bibliography
      • Use mindmeister to plan your essay.
      • Must be printed off

How will I be assessed?

How will I be assessed?

Criteria A

Criteria C - Communicating

Criteria D - Thinking Critically

Extra Resource