Ancient Egypt (Old MYP)

The unit encourages an investigation of the different accomplishments of the ancient Egyptians as a consequence of the 'gift' of the Nile. The geography of Egypt, a study of its natural resources and the affect of the early developments of the civilization will be discussed. Students will also study the importance of religious beliefs and the social structure of the ancient Egyptians.

Human Ingenuity - The unit focus on how humans have adapted successfully to the physical geography of Egypt.

Key Concept

Concept Question

Why was Ancient Egypt called "The Gift of the Nile"?

Significant Concepts

  1. To have knowledge of the ancient Egyptians accomplishments because of the gift of the Nile.
  2. To understand how the geography of Egypt affected its early development as a civilization.
  3. To have knowledge of the religious ideas and the social structure of the ancient Egyptians.
  4. To have an understanding of the importance of farming to the economy of ancient Egypt.

Area of Interaction

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