002 - Megacity 


Geographic knowledge and understanding

The consequences of megacity growth for individuals and societies.


The process of urban growth creates impacts on people and place.


To be able to use one case study of a contemporary megacity experiencing rapid growth to examine the consequences of megacity growth.

Case Study

Key Terminology

Watch the youtube clip below to help you to define the term megacity and use the 'Useful Links' for the other terms.

Activity One - Discussion

It is important to discuss the reasons why people migrate to live in urban environments, but what are those reasons. Using the padlet below record your thoughts on what the pull factors are of a city and the push of a more rural area.

Activity Two - Overview of Shanghai

This syllabus point specifically asks you to develop a case study of the growth and impact of one megactiy. Our focus is going to be Shanghai in China. You should already know the location of Shanghai as it was hopefully included on your hand-drawn map from a previous lesson, but just in case you don't there is a map to the side of this text to remind you. 

Useful Resources

Growth of Shanghai through time lapse

The Transformation of Shanghai

Activity Three - A Case Study of Megacity Growth - Shanghai

Your task is to develop a case study of Shanghai. As the guide asks for a case study you could be required to answer a whole essay on this one single topic. Therefore you need detail and data for this syllabus point. You wil need to include the following factors in your notes:

Useful Resources

arcGIS - The growth of Shanghai and the associated impacts  - The essential resource to read.

Extension - Watch

I have used this with my Year 11 classes in the past to show them why megacities should be included in our MYP curriculum in Individuals and Societies. It does discuss well that our megacities help to improve global communication, trade and energy links. In short, megacities are changing the face of the world and could become more powerful than nation-states.

Exam Style Question

Using a named contemporary megacity, examine the geographical consequences of megacity growth [10 marks]