005 - Alternatives - Anti-globalisation Groups

Syllabus Point

Discuss (AO3) the position held by anti-globalisation groups.

Image One - Anti-Globalisation

Taken From: http://www.biyokulule.com/sawiro/sawirada_waaweyn/Globalization%20cartoon1.jpg

Key Terminology

  • Discuss
  • Anti-globalisation group

Define the words above using the 'Command Term' posters in the classroom and the useful link below:

Useful Link

Activity One - Review

There are different forms of anti-globalisation movements and it doesn't have to be violence against people or a specific brand. It can be as small as one person deciding to buy local products in the supermarket.

Image Two - Protests against Globalisation

Taken From: http://images.slideplayer.com/22/6398856/slides/slide_3.jpg
  1. What are the different forms of anti-globalisation movements? Consider the different scales - individuals, NGOs and pressure groups and sovereign states.
  1. Watch the Youtube clip above and write down all the different things that people are protesting about. How do these link to globalisation.
  2. Create a timeline of the anti-globalisation movement.
  3. What changes have happened to the anti-globalisation movements?
  4. Why have these changes occurred?