011 - Climate


Factual Questions

What is a climate graph?

How do you draw a climate graph?

Debatable Question

Can climate graphs be used to predict the future?

Taken From: http://www.expatarrivals.com/switzerland/geneva/weather-in-geneva

Image One - Climate Graph for Geneva, Switzerland

Taken From: http://www.expatarrivals.com/switzerland/geneva/weather-in-geneva

Key Terminology

            • Climate
            • Climate Graph
            • Predict
            • Biomes

We will be using the words above during the course of the lesson. Use the useful links below if you are still unsure of what the words mean at the end of the lesson.

Useful Links

Activity One - Describe

This is a good skills transfer lesson from Maths to Individuals and Societies as I am sure you have all learnt how to draw a bar and line graph before. The way we are going to use these graphs is to illustrate the average precipitation and temperature for each month of the year in a specific area. Remember that climate is the average weather conditions over 30 days. But why do we bother to use climate graphs? Watch the youtube clip below and answer the following questions below:

          1. What is a climate graph?
          2. Why are climate graphs useful?
          3. How is a climate graph drawn?
          4. How do we interpret climate graphs?
Climate Graphs

Activity Two - Draw

Now you know what a climate graph is and how it can help us to compare areas and predict the climate in the future it is your turn to draw a climate graph for Geneva. Follow the instructions below.

            • Collect a piece of A4 graph paper
            • Use a pencil and ruler to draw your graph
            • Use pencil crayons to colour in the graph
            • Remember to label your axis and to give your graph a title
Climate Graph Data for Geneva

Activity Three - Interpret

Using your climate graph of Geneva answer the following questions that will help you to interpret what you have just drawn.

  1. What is the mean temperature for Geneva?
  2. What is the temperature range for Geneva?
  3. What is the total precipitation for Geneva?
  4. Is there a trend forming on the climate graph?
  5. Does the data surprise you? If so why? If not why?


        • Add on to your graph a line to show the mean temperature.
        • Which months of the year would it be useful to carry an umbrella?
        • Which months of the year would you advise your peers to wear sun cream to prevent them burning.
        • Write down in your book (or on the padlet) three other recommendations for people and which months they relate to.
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