Key and Related Humanities Skills (Old MYP)

This unit focuses on the importance of maps and the skills needed to interpret them. How we learn about the past and the validity of sources will also be investigated.

Area of Interaction

Human Ingenuity - The focus is how humans have developed different methods to investigate and interpret the past. How humans have learnt to interpret elements of the physical and human geography of the world on represent those features on a map.

Key Concept

Global Interactions - the power of maps; how the interpretation of maps can lead to knowledge of different areas.

Concept Question

How are skills used to maximise our understanding of humanities concepts?

Significant Concepts

  1. To have knowledge of the skills needed to interpret an Ordnance Survey map.
  2. To have knowledge of how the earth was and is viewed viewed on maps.
  3. To understand chronology.
  4. To understand some of the processes of archaeology including finding, excavating, analyzing and interpreting data from archaeological sites.
    1. To have knowledge of different kinds of sources (written,nonwritten, fossils, artifacts, ruins, oral tradition).
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