001 - Threats to individuals and businesses

Geographic Knowledge and Understanding

Threats to individuals and businesses:

Hacking, identity theft and the implications of surveillance for personal freedoms.

Political, economic and physical risks to global supply chain flows.


Technological and globalising processes, such as hacking and political actions , have the possibility to impact the global supply chain and personal freedoms.


Key Terminology

Define the key terms above by using the 'Useful Links' below.

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Activity One - Research

This syllabus point is particularly interesting as it is something that may impact your life. The decisions that politicians make can have a direct consequence on a supply chain and therefore can impact the cost of a product that you may buy. We have slowly seen how Brexit has impacted the supply chain of goods and manufacturing companies in the UK did stockpile certain items such as needles for sewing machines before Brexit to make sure they can still produce their goods. Natural disasters not only impact whether we can travel but also the goods and resources that may be needed to create a certain product. You may know someone who has had their identity stolen and therefore understand the impact that it can have on their lives.  My credit card details were stolen while I was on holiday and it made me feel extremely vulnerable. We are going to be researching what can impact supply chains and how individuals and businesses can be threatened by cyber attacks. To record the findings we will be using Mr. Allaway's grid below and the articles in the 'Useful Resources' box. We will not be looking at Estonia but if you wish to, just head over to www.geographyalltheway.com 

Useful Resources

Threats to Individuals and Businesses

Useful Resources 

Risks to Global Supply Chains

Exam Style Question

To what extent do the power struggles between places create a threat to individuals and businesses? [16 marks]

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