004 - AIDs

Syllabus Points

Examine (AO3) the geographic factors responsible for the incidence and spread of two diseases.

Evaluate (A03) the geographic impact of these two diseases at the local, national and international scales.

Evaluate (A03) the management strategies that have been applied in any one country or region for one of these diseases.

Key Terminology

  • Examine
  • Evaluate
  • Geographic Impact

Lets just remind ourselves of the meaning of the key terminology and discuss them as a group.

Activity One - Describe

  • Using the map below describe the hot spots of HIV/AIDs.
Estimated number of people in the world living with HIV/AIDS in 2008.

Activity Two - Watch

  • Watch the Hans Rosling Ted Talk and describe the changes in incidence of HIV/AIDs.
  • Can you explain the reasons for this change in incidence?

Activity Three - Comprehension

Read the article by the WHO on HIV and AIDs and answer the questions below:

  1. What is HIV?
  2. What is AIDs?
  3. How is HIV transmitted?
  4. How can HIV generally be prevented?

Activity Four - Watch

  • Watch the clip below and make notes on the history of HIV.
        • Think about how it has spread?
        • Why is it difficult to control?
        • What has been the impact?

Activity Five - Geographic Factors

You will be divided in to five groups and be given 10 minutes to discuss how either the social, demographic, economic, environment and politics of an area can influence the incidence and spread of HIV. Use a Googledoc to collate and share your information. You will then present your findings to the group.

Activity Six - Impact and Case Studies

To answer the second syllabus point on HIV/AIDs we need to look at the disease on a global, national and local scale.

  1. The Population Reference Bureau gives a good overview of the global impact of HIV/AIDs. Make notes on the article.

For the national scale we are going to focus on China, watch the clip below and develop an overview of HIV/AIDs in China.

  1. Now read the the article by Avert to get an understanding of who is at risk and why?
  2. What is the national impact? Read the research paper page 13 - 14 by aidsdatahub to find out the socio-economic impacts.
  3. What is the impact at the local level? The focus is going to be the Anhui Provence of China which is near Shanghai. Read the article by NCBI to get an overview of the impact at a local level (hint scroll down to results).