004 - Clouds

Optional Lesson

Factual Questions

What are clouds?

How do they form?

What are the different types of clouds?

Key Terminology

            • Cloud
            • Formation

Define the words above using the useful links below.

Useful Links

Activity One - Watch

The first thing we need to do is to find out what a cloud is and how they form. Watch the YouTube clip on clouds and make notes on the following points on lined paper (it may help to write the point to look for on paper then leave three lines so that you have space to record your answer). As a class we could also record our notes using Padlet. Padlet is an on-line 'wall' that allows us to share ideas publicly.

      • What clouds are.
      • How clouds form.
      • The different types of clouds.
      • How clouds get their colour.

Activity Two - Cloud Guide

Your task to is to develop a guide to the different types of clouds that can be found in our sky. You are writing for next years Year 8 class so terms and images are particularly important. The guide should include diagrams as well as descriptions.


      • A description of how clouds are formed
      • A description of how clouds move
      • A description of the four key cloud types (cumulus, nimbus, cirrus and stratus) although you may want to include the combination clouds e.g. cumulostratus etc.
      • Height the clouds can be found at.
      • Colour - they can be different depending on the cloud. How do they get their colour?
      • Weather the clouds can bring to an area.


      • It can be in a booklet format or an A4 page.
      • Diagrams of the clouds need to be in boxes which are drawn with a pencil and ruler. Remember to draw in pencil and colour in pencil crayon.
      • Highlight key words.
      • A bibliography is essential.

How will I be assessed?

Criterion A: Knowing and Understanding

Criterion C: Communicating