006 - International Migration

Syllabus Point

Evaluate (AO3) international migrations in terms of their geographic (socio-economic, political, environmental) impacts at their origins and destinations.

Taken From: http://home.bt.com/images/britain-sees-third-largest-jump-in-international-migration-136400635339003901-150922164011.jpg

Key Terminology

  • Evaluate
  • Country of origin
  • Destination or Host country

Use your 'Geography Course Companion' text book by Nagle and Cooke pages 16 and 17, the 'Command Term' posters in the classroom and the useful links provided below:

Useful Links

Activity One - Discuss

Very few of you were born within Switzerland which means your parents chose to come to this area of the world. In small groups answer the following questions:

  1. Write down all the reasons why your parents chose to live in this area of the world.
  2. What type of migrants are you?
  3. Would you stay in Switzerland? Justify your answer.
  4. If you do move where would you want to live and why?

Useful Links

Activity Two - Describe

Using the infographic below describe the changing face of international migration.

Taken From: http://webarchive.nationalarchives.gov.uk/20160105160709/http://www.ons.gov.uk/ons/resources/ltinternationalmigration800px_tcm77-341099.png

Activity Three - Who, Where and Why

Take a piece of A3 paper and divide it in to four. Take each heading below separately and write it in one of the sections on your paper.

        • Who
        • Where
        • Why
        • Interesting facts

Watch the Youtube clip and click on the link in the useful resources section and begin to fill in the sections on your paper.

Useful Resources

Activity Four - Draw

It is a geographical skill to be able to draw a map with 'value', but what does that actually mean?

  1. Where could we draw a map in an exam?
  2. How do we add value to a map?
  3. Draw a map of the USA and show movement of people from Mexico to the USA on it. Add value!

What every map needs?

  • Should fill at least 2/3 of an A4 page.
  • Draw in pencil - we all make mistakes.
  • Box around the map.
  • Title
  • Key
  • Scale (we are not cartographers so you will need to write - not to scale in brackets)
  • Compass Points
  • Add Value - annotations, desire lines etc.

Useful Links

Activity Five - Impact

The main focus of this syllabus point is the impact the migration process has on both the country of origin and the country of destination/host country. Remember impacts consider the positive and negative implications and in Geography we need to think SEEP. Divide a piece of A4 paper in to four sections for the four key geographical factors - Social, Economic, Environmental and Political. On one side bullet point the positives of migration for the USA in green and on the other write the negatives in red. Complete the same process for Mexico. Use the useful links below to help you complete this task.

Useful Resources


      • 'Global Interactions' IB Geography Case Studies for the Higher Level Extension text book pages 58-71.


Negatives - The not so hidden side of international migration.

Taken From: http://missingmigrants.iom.int/sites/default/files/pictures/imd2014-3.jpg