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This unit introduces the students to the importance of 'sources' for our knowledge and understanding of human history and of natural and man-made processes. The fragmentary nature of sources from the ancient world is examined and related to man's interpretation of history. Perspectives and processes are analysed with regard to the problematic nature of evidence.

Key Concept

Time, space and place - Events take place at a particular time in a particular place and in a space on the planet Earth, each is unique to the context of its time.

Related Concepts

Perspective and processes - Historians uses processes (methodologies) to interrogate sources of history. By interrogating sources of history to find out about times past we develop our own perspectives about those times past. At different times in history these perspectives and interpretations can change for a number of reasons.

Global Context

Orientation in Time and Space - Our interpretation of evidence changes across time and space.

Statement of Inquiry

Using historical evidence through the interrogation of a variety of sources we construct different perspectives about time, place and space.

Inquiry Questions

Factual Questions: Remembering facts and topics

What is a source in history?

What kinds of sources are there?

What do historians do with sources?

What is evidence?

What processes are used to interrogate sources of history?

Conceptual Questions: Analysing big ideas

How have cultures recorded their lifestyles and their (his)tories?

What history do we know?

How do we interpret the histories of people in times past using evidence from sources?

How do interpretations and perspectives change over time?

Debatable Questions: Evaluating perspectives and developing theories

To what extent can we talk about certainty in history?

Unit Outline and ATL sheets for 'How do we know?'

2018-19 Year 7 Individuals and Societies Unit Outline - How do we know?
2018-2019 How do we know? - Year 7 - Individuals and Societies - Approaches to Learning Grid