Ancient Civilisations Along Important Rivers (Old MYP)

This unit focuses on the location of major rivers and the different landforms that are created by fluvial systems. How humans have manipulated rivers to become settled societies. The growth of different civilisations that have development along major rivers.

Area of Interaction

Environments - The focus is on how the physical environment influences the social and built environments.

Key Concept

Concept Question

To what extent is water a vital life source for ancient civilisations?

Significant Concepts

  1. To have knowledge of the impact of fluvial landforms on the development of a settled lifestyle.
  2. To have knowledge of the movement away from a nomadic to a static way of living.
  3. To understand how the advances in technology that led to food surpluses in farming, resulting in a more complex economy and the growth of civilisations.
Bridges over the Tigris