002 - Cultural Imperialism

Geographic Knowledge and Understanding

The effects of global interactions on cultural diversity in different places:

- the diffusion of cultural traits, and cultural imperialism.


The processes associated with the definition and diffusion of cultural traits have the power to influence and change places.


  • To have knowledge and understanding of cultural imperialism.

Key Terminology

            • Cultural Imperialism

Define the key term above by using the 'Useful Link' below.

Useful Link

Activity One - Comprehension

Cultural imperialism is evident in what we wear, eat, watch, buy, etc, but how clear is this global process and what impact does it have? Using the prezi below and make notes on the following:

      • What is cultural imperialism?

      • How does it happen?

Activity Two - Detailed Example

You now know what cultural imperialism is and how it works. But how are we influenced by cultural imperialism?

  1. Using your text book and the IBDP Geography textbook by Nagle and Cooke, explain how language, tourism, global brands, the media and democracy are all processes that allow cultural imperialism to occur.

  2. What are the criticisms of cultural imperialism?

  3. Read the article below and make notes on how French food has been impacted by the USA.

Exam Style Question

To what extent do digital technologies influence the diffusion of cultural traits. [16]

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