004 - Power

Debatable Question

To what extent is having a strong military force the primary factor in developing a hegemony of power?

Key Terminology

There are no subject specific new terms to learn for this lesson. You will need to use the ones that you have learnt over the past three/four weeks.

Activity One - Persuade

It is now time to put what you have learnt about the concept of power into a more formal piece of writing. Using the examples from the whole group discussions and your own research answer the following question as an extended piece of writing.

To what extent is having a strong military force the primary factor in developing a hegemony of power?


It is vital that you plan your essay before you begin to write so that it has a clear and coherent structure to it. We will be using MindMeister to plan out your essay.

        • Open a new MindMeister page and it would be best to use a 'blank' page than a predecided layout.

        • Before you start planning your essay it is always good to define what the command term means. Have a look at the posters in the classroom and write down a definition of the command term - discuss.

        • On your MindMeister page write the essay title in the middle of the page.

        • From the middle box create siblings for your introduction, three key paragraphs, conclusion, bibliography.


Areas to focus on:

  • Introduction - Define what a hegemon is. Give examples of hegemons. Why is this an important topic to discuss. Answer the question.

  • Main Body - Three key paragraphs focusing on for and against the assertion arguments. Remember to explain your idea and then to illustrate it using examples of place. How has military force made countries/empires strong? Give evidence from the presentations. Are there any other factors that made countries/empires strong (culture, resources, innovation, etc)? Evidence.

  • Conclusion - Summarising your points and deciding to what extent the statement is true. No new ideas.

Essay Structure

Five paragraph essay - including a clear introduction and conclusion

  • P = point - what is your main idea for the paragraph?

  • E = explain - say why your main point occurs

  • E = exemplify - give an example of place with data to illustrate your point

  • L = link back to the question - to show the relationship between your point and what the essay is asking of you


  • Approximately 750 words

  • Write a clear introduction, main body (3 paragraphs), and conclusion.

  • Size 12 font - Times New Roman or Tahoma

  • Insert a header into your Google Doc which includes your name, the year, and the subject.

  • Bibliography - MLA formatting

  • Submit a pdf of your essay onto ManageBac so that turnitin can be used

How will I be Assessed?

Hegemons of Power Assessment Criteria

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