001 - What is Africa?

Factual Questions

What is 'Africa' like?

What is the physical landscape of Africa like?

Key Terminology

            • Physical Landscape
            • Biome (write the types of biomes you hear in the song)
            • Rank

Define the key words above using the links below. Remember to write the definitions in full sentences.

Useful Links

Activity One - Ordering

How much do you actually know about the size , number of countries and population size of each continent? Where does Africa 'fit' within the world? Individuals and Societies often uses mathematical skills to aid in the teaching of the subject and during the next few lessons you will need to use them to complete a number of the activities.

      • I would like seven volunteers to come to the front of the class - one for each continent.
      • Each 'continent' will be given an envelope which has a piece of information in about that continent. YOU WILL NOT OPEN IT YET.
      • The 'continents' will then rank themselves in order of size depending on the characteristic.
      • The class will then decide if the order is correct and reorder the continents if necessary.
      • The answers will be revealed once a consensus has been made.
Ranking Africa from the RGS

Ranking Africa Resources from the Royal Geographical Society

Now we have completed the group activity, answer the following questions on paper. Remember to write in full sentences.

        1. What did you find surprising?
        2. Where does Africa 'fit' into the world?

Activity Two - Mapping Africa

It is important to know what the physical landscape of Africa looks like as this will help us to understand the different trade routes throughout the continent. Using the map that you have been given and the links in the 'Useful Resources' box below mark on the key biomes found in Africa. Then colour them in. Don't forget to include a key. Then complete the following bullet points.

      • Now mark on the major rivers, deserts and mountains in Africa.
      • Remember to add these to your key.
      • Mark on the countries in Africa in pencil without using an Atlas - Mark on the countries you didn't know in pen using an Atlas or the link below.

Once finished answer the following questions in full sentences on paper:

      1. Describe the pattern of biomes in Africa. (Where are the biomes located)
      2. Is there a link between the climate and vegetation type in Africa? You may have to research average temperatures for different regions or look at the climate graphs below.
Google Document

Activity Three - Landscapes and Rivers

Now you know where the major physical geography landforms and rivers are located in Africa it is important to know how they may impact us. You may also have come across a few terms that you were unsure of and this activity will help to rectify that.

      1. While Africa has many mountains but not all of them are pointy, some are plateaus. What is a plateau?
      2. Africa is generally a warm continent but you can find snow. Where do you think snow might be found? Try and give some names of mountains.
      3. The three main rivers in Africa are the Nile, Niger and the Congo. Where do these rivers have their source? What is a source?
      4. By using the map above where would you rather live? Explain your answer.

              • Height of the land, this is called relief - mountains, lowlands
              • Water - rivers, lakes and oceans

Image Three - Topography of Africa

Activity Four - True of False?

Everyone will be given a pink true and false card. I will read the statements below and you will need to decide if the statements are true or false.

True or False Questions from the RGS