005 - Sociocultural integration - Part Three

Syllabus Point

Examine (AO3) the ways in which international interactions may result in the homogenization and dilution of culture.

Define (A01) and exemplify the concept of cultural imperialism.

Image One - Cultural Imperialism

Taken From: https://poyntofview.wordpress.com/tag/cultural-imperialism/

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Key Terminology

  • Examine
  • Define
  • Exemplify
  • Homogenization
  • Cultural Imperialism

Define the words above using the Command Term posters in the classroom and the useful links provided below:

Useful Links

Activity One - Homogenization of Culture

As international students you may have not noticed how homogenised you have become. Look around and see what your peers are wearing. Can you associate their clothing with their distinct national heritage? Probably not!

  • Watch the clip below and mind map what homogenization is, how it occurs and the impact of it.
  • To do this collect a piece of A4 paper and three different coloured pens to make notes of your answers.

To further what you have just watch answer the following questions using the 'Global Interactions' textbook by Paul Guinness and the useful resources.

          1. What is assimilation?
          2. What is the impact of assimilation? Give Examples
          3. What is acculturation?
          4. How does acculturation occur?

Activity Two - Cultural Imperialism

Image Two - Growth of McDonalds

Taken From: http://kalamu.com/neogriot/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/cultural-imperialism.jpg

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Answer the following questions using the 'IB Geography Course Companion' textbook by Nagle and Cooke pages 374-375.

  1. How does cultural imperialism occur?
  2. What is the political effect of cultural imperialism?
  3. How does the use of language exert cultural imperialism?
  4. How do tourists impact the perceptions of others? Give examples.
  5. How does the rise in consumer culture impact our perceptions of other cultures?
  6. How does the media spread cultural imperialism?
  7. What is the Western enlightenment belief? How has it impacted other countries?
  8. What are the key criticisms of cultural imperialism?
  9. Using the textbook 'Global Interactions. IB Geography Case Studies for the Higher Level Extension' pages 165-185 make notes on how India has been impacted by the perceived cultural imperialism of the media.