004 - Differing Views

Debatable Question

Are nuclear weapons a force for good or evil?

Key Terminology

            • UN
            • NATO
            • Civil Society

Define the key terms above by using the 'Useful Links' below:

Useful Links

Activity One - Watch

For this activity you will be creating a debate based on fact about the ownership and use of nuclear weapons. The ascertain is below. Follow the activities to create a well developed investigation on nuclear weapons. You can also use your case study notes from the previous lessons.

Are nuclear weapons a force for good or evil?

Step One - Watch

      • Open your MindMeister account using your school email address (through Google).
      • Create a blank MindMeister page and title it 'Nuclear Weapons - Good or Evil?'.
      • Watch the Youtube clips below and write notes on MindMeister on whether nuclear weapons are positive or negative in the world.

YouTube Clip One

YouTube Clip Two

Activity Two - Research

The group will be divided in to six equal groups to debate the question above. Each group will be given a specific view to debate from, from the list below.

                  1. UN
                  2. NATO
                  3. USA
                  4. Russia
                  5. Green Peace
                  6. Women at Greenham Common

It is your task to develop a convincing presentation on whether the world should or should not have nuclear weapons. You will work on MindMesiter to collate your research and to formulate an action plan.

Useful Resources

Activity Three - Presentation

Your presentations will last between 5 and 10 minutes. Each group will use Google Slides to present their arguments. Everyone must speak. You need to include the following factors:

                  1. Who you are.
                  2. Position on nuclear arms.
                  3. Evidence of your views.
                  4. Impact of your views.
                  5. Bibliography

Activity Four - Debate

The room will be divided in to two with those who are for nuclear weapons on one side and those who are against them on the other. During the presentations of each opinion you should have recorded key questions that you would like to ask your opponents. This is the opportunity to ask, answer and rebut points of view. Do remember that this is not just opinion based, you need to illustrate your ideas with answers.

Activity Five - Record

You have now listened and questioned the other teams about their views on nuclear weapons. You are now going to create an infographic about the views of your team. An infographic is a way of presenting information in a more pictorial fashion.

      1. What is an infographic?
      2. What aspects of an infographic make the information stand out?

Things to include in your infographic

        • Maps
        • Graphics
        • Images
        • Statistics
        • Few words
        • Colour

Alternative Assessment

By listening to and researching the impact of nuclear weapons, in your opinion are nuclear weapons a force for good or evil? Remember to base your opinions on the facts that have come out of the presentations and debate.

Are nuclear weapons a force for good or evil?


            • Typed - size 12 font
            • Double spaced
            • No more than 750 words
            • Bibliography

How will I be assessed?

Force for Good or Evil Assessment - Individuals and Societies