004 - Wetlands

Geographic Knowledge and Understanding

The growing pressures on major wetlands and the efforts to protect them, such as the Ramsar Convention.


Human processes impact upon the natural processes of wetlands. The possibility of successful management depends upon the relative power of the stakeholders involved. 


Key Terminology

Define the key term above using the useful link below.

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Activity One - Description

While we have discussed what a wetland is and why there were perhaps not considered important in our recent past we haven't looked at them as an area of wonder. Watch the two youtube clips and write down why wetlands deserve to be preserved.

Useful Resources

Why we must protect wetlands

Now Earth

How Wetlands Work

Ohio DNR

Activity Two - Preservation

The Ramsar Convention is an intergovernmental treaty that helps to conserve wetlands by providing a framework for countries. The treaty began in 1971 and was in force by 1975. Almost 90% of all UN member states have signed up now to preserve their wetlands. Read the two articles below and write a summary of what the Ramsar Convention is, what it hopes to achieve and how it is successful.

Activity Three - Case Study

For this syllabus point you need to focus on one key area. Therefore we are going to be investing the Everglades and how the wetlands in this area have been at risk. You will need to include the following points in your case study:

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Exam Style Question

Examine how human interference upon natural processes in one part of a drainage basin may impact wetlands in another part of the same drainage basin. [10 marks]

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