007 - Death and


Factual Question

What types of diseases did people suffer from in the Middle Ages?

Debatable Question

All 'cures' for diseases in the Middle Ages made you worse. Discuss

Key Terminology

            • Disease
            • Smallpox
            • Black Death
            • Leprosy

Write a definition of what the four key diseases above are using the useful links below. Remember to write in full sentences and on lined paper.

Useful Links

Activity One - Watch

Diseases were prevalent throughout the middle ages as they are today but which ones were people the most fearful of and how did they spread? Watch the clip below and answer the following two questions.

      1. What is the plague and how is it spread?
      2. What captured your attention about the clip?

Activity Two - Leaflet

You are working for the public health advisory board in England and you have been given the task to write a health information leaflet to inform the public of the diseases that were rife during the Middle Ages. Images are crucial in this task as many people could not read or write. Your leaflet needs to be A4 in size and produced by hand. Yes hand written and hand drawn diagrams! Things that you should include:

      1. An introduction on raising the awareness of disease.
      2. Eye catching slogans and illustrations.
      3. Information about how it is believed the disease is spread. Remember you are in the late 1340s.
      4. Symptoms.
      5. Methods of prevention.
      6. What to do in the event of an outbreak.

Example of a Medical Leaflet

How will I be assessed?

For this task you will be assessed using Criterion A - Knowing and Understanding and Criterion C - Communicating.

Criterion A: Knowing and Understanding

Criterion C: Communicating

Useful Resources


This task could also be completed via a role play by including the following questions in your skit.

If your group has decided to put on a play what roles do you need? Think about having a doctor as an expert and a family who are dying or suffering from a specific disease.

              1. What is the disease?
              2. How does it spread?
              3. What impact does it have on people?
              4. What remedies did they use in the Medieval Era to 'cure' the disease?
              5. How effective was the 'cure'?

Grid to fill in during the presentations

Diseases in the Medieval Times