Examples, Detailed Examples and Case Studies

Throughout the Geography Guide there are references to 'examples', 'detailed examples', and 'case studies' but what do these mean and where can they be found?

      1. Collect a copy of the Geography Guide and write a definition for an example, a detailed example, and a case study.
      2. Read through the Freshwater aspect of the Geography Guide. When you come across a reference to either an example, a detailed example or a case study write the syllabus point in a copy of the table below.
      3. Using the Freshwater unit on geogalot, find the relevant syllabus point that you have referenced in your table and record the name of the place and whether it is an example, a detailed example or a case study.
      4. Using your notes, fill in the detail section of the table for the relevant example, detailed example, or case study. Don't forget to include the data.
      5. We are now going to look at past extended answer questions for the Freshwater unit.
            • Collect a piece of A4 or A3 paper and a set of coloured pens.
            • Click on the link to take you to the Freshwater questions - Extended Answer Questions
            • Choose a question and write in a colour on your paper.
            • Mind map which examples/ detailed examples/ case studies which relate to place that you could use to aid your arguments for that question. Within the mind map write down the specific elements of the example of place that you would include.
            • Using a different coloured pen - justify your choice of place.
Examples, Detailed Examples and Case Studies - Freshwater