2 - Natural Environments: Landscapes

Shaping the Earth

This unit focuses on the investigation of how plate tectonics have helped to shape our planet. Students will investigate the three main rock types while focusing on the formations caused by karstic environments.

Key Concept

Change - the development of rocks and their associated landforms.

Related Concepts

Processes - what processes create different rock types?

Global Context

Globalisation and Sustainability - can fragile karstic environments be used in a sustainable manner?

Statement of Inquiry

Change is a dynamic concept that creates spectacular landscapes.

Inquiry Questions

Factual Questions: Remembering facts and topics

  • What are the three main types of rock?
  • What is a karstic environment?
  • What landforms can be found in karstic environments and how are they formed?

Conceptual Questions: Analysing big ideas

  • How is change an inevitable process in a karstic environment?

Debatable Questions: Evaluating perspectives and developing theories.

  • Karstic landscapes are fragile and should not be exploited by humans. Discuss.

Unit Outline and ATL Sheet

2018-19 Landscapes Year 8 Individuals and Societies MYP Unit Grid
2018-19 Landscapes - Year 8 - Individuals and Societies - Approaches to Learning Grid