010 - Review

Debatable Question

How can you review your work effectively for a test?

Test Outline


You will be examined on the content that you have covered within the Alpine Environments unit only.

Approaching the Test Questions

When you see questions to answer there  are various ways that you can approach them.  The key is to break down the question using either the BUG or KFC approach. These will help to remind you that it is important to understand what action is being required from the command term, along with exploring the focus of the question. But it is not just the decoding of the question that it is important but it is key to note how much the question is worth. By focusing on the points it will help you to understand how much you need to write and the depth you need to go into.  For example, if the question is worth one mark you should be writing about one sentence outlining one point. A three mark question will probably require three key points. Sometimes you will be given a box with lines in to write on and the formula is generally two lines for one point. 



Command Terms

Then consider what the command terms actually mean. The most common ones used in tests include - Classify, Define, Describe, Define, Explain,  Identify,  Discuss and Analyse. But what do all of those words mean? You could either do a quick search online, take photos of the 'Command Term' posters in the classroom or you could click on the 'Useful Resource' link below. Mr. Allaway also create a Kahoot to help test yourself on the command terms - thank you - the link is below.

Content Covered

These are the different aspects of the course that we have covered. I would suggest that you review this list alongside your lesson notes to make sure that you haven't missed anything.



How will I be assessed?

You will be assessed using Criteria A - Knowledge and Understanding - both strands. Criteria C - Communicating - strands i and ii and Criteria D - Thinking critically - strands i and ii.

Year 11 - Assessment Task - Alpine Environments - Subject-Specific Criteria

Exam Style Questions

Below are examples of test style questions:

Possible Ways to Review

There are many different ways that you could review your work but just reading through it never really works. There needs to be some form of active recall, this is when you test yourself, as it helps to 'drag' the information out of your head. This also helps the information to stick a little better in your long-term memory.