003 - Population and Development

Conceptual Question:

To what extent does population change influence the levels of development?

Key Terminology

  • Demography
  • Demographic Transition Model

Activity One - Demography

Demography is the study of population. The Demographic Transition Model looks at the changes in the birth and death rates of a country and how this impacts the country's overall population size. There is a strong correlation between a country's birth and death rates and their level of development.

  1. Write a definition of demography in your own words.
  2. Describe what the Demographic Transition Model shows by watching the clip and reading the slideshare above.
  3. Copy out the diagram and table below. Fill in the table using the PowerPoint above.
Taken From: https://www.populationeducation.org/sites/default/files/dtm.png

Activity Two - Watch

As you watch the YouTube clip below, add the detail and examples to your Demographic Transition Model.

Activity Three - Thinking Critically - Extension

  1. We will be completing the 'Living Graph' in the 'Thinking Through Geography' book by David Leat. Add the sentences given to you to your graph.
  2. Devise five sentences of your own for the living graph and write them on the padlet page. http://padlet.com/geobecks/livinggraph
  1. Pick five sentences from your peers on the padlet page and add them to your 'living graph'.