001 - What is International


Factual Question

What is International Relations?

Why is it important in todays world to understand the impact of connections?

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Image One - Respect

Key Terminology

            • Nation State
            • Conservative
            • Liberalisation
            • Interdependence
            • Terrorism
            • Development

Define the key terms above by using the 'Useful Links' below:

Useful Links

      1. Question - Are any of the terms you have just defined controversial? Explain your answer.

Activity One - What do you know?

Before we start to look at some of the bigger ideas within the International Relations course it is good to find out what you actually think you will be studying.

      1. On an A4 white board write down what you think international relation is?
      2. On the other side write down why you think it is important to learn about international relations.
      3. We will discuss your answers as a group.

Image Two - Question Mark

Activity Two - Watch and Read

We are going to start with looking at why International Relations as a subject is important to study. We are going to do this by making notes while watching a YouTube clip.

      1. Write a subheading 'Why International Relations is Important?'
      2. Write down why is it important to study international relations?
      3. Watch the YouTube clip and add anything to your list that you haven't thought of.

Activity Two - Skill - Flipboard - What is it?

Flipboard is a way to share articles that we read related to international relations. The articles can be from a variety of magazines or newspapers. The important thing is that the 'International Relations' magazine is ours and therefore reflects what we are interested in as a team.

How to set flipboard up?

      1. Go to www.flipboard.com
      2. Click on the 'Sign Up' button and sign up using your school gmail account. Email me your email address so that I can add you as a contributor to the International Relations magazine.

3. It will then ask you to follow 5 or more topics that you are interested in. It doesn't matter what you follow as you can change it.

4. Using the magnifying glass search for geogalot and this will show you the magazines that I contribute to. While they are mainly DP Geography focused magazines some may be relevant to this course. You will be contributing to the International Relations magazine. Click on it and have a look at some of the articles that were 'flipped' in there last year.

5. Now search for newspapers and magazines that you regularly or would like to read that could be relevant to the International Relations course.

6. Now you will need to install an extension to 'flip' the articles into our magazine.

          • The flip it icon will now appear to the left of your search bar. Click on it and it will ask you to sign in.
          • You are now ready to 'flip' articles into Flipboard.

7. While you have been searching for and following different newspapers. I have been inviting you to contribute to the Internations Relations magazine. Find three articles in the newspapers and magazines that you are following into our International Relations magazine.

8. In our 'International Relations' magazine find an article that has recently been flipped in that you are interested in and comment on by clicking 'Add Comment' below the article. Then write in the 'Start a Conversation section.


Activity Three - Goals

Answer the following questions on lined paper which will go in your folder.

      1. What do you hope to study throughout the course?
      2. What do you hope to achieve during this year?