002 - The Cotton King

Factual Questions

Who is the 'Cotton King'?

How did the 'Cotton King' revolutionise the cotton industry?

Key Terminology

            • Spinning Jenny
            • Flying Shuttle

You will find out what these inventions are during the course of the lesson.

Activity One - Who?

Before we look at the changes to the cotton industry we need to look at some of the key players who helped create this change. We will be focusing on the 'Cotton King' himself, Richard Arkwright, James Hargreaves and John Kay. Answer the following questions:

      1. Who was James Hargreaves? What was his background?
      2. What did James Hargreaves invent?
      3. How did that invention change the industry?
      4. Who was John Kay? What was his background?
      5. What did John Kay invent?
      6. How did John Kay's invention change the industry?
      7. Who was Richard Arkwright? What was his background?
      8. What did Arkwright invent?
      9. How did Arkwright's invention change the industry?
      10. What did these inventors have in common?
      11. Looking at the map below where are the key areas for garment (textile) manufacturing in England?
Map of Key Textile Manufacturing Sites - Google My Maps