007 - My Wonderful


Factual Question

How do we ask the right questions to find out about places?

Debatable Question

Can we ever know enough about the systems that create places to make good decisions about them?

Conceptual Questions

What are social and physical systems?

How do the processes in systems create patterns and trends?

What is the difference between place and space?

Key Terminology

            • Systems
            • Social system
            • Physical System
            • Process
            • Patterns
            • Trends
            • Place
            • Space

When you begin to write up your research about your 'Wonderful World' place you need to make sure that you are using the key terms above. If you are unsure of their meaning have a look at the useful links below.

Useful Links

Activity One - Research

Your task is to investigate a wonderful place that has been shaped by either water or ice or both. You will be describing what this wonderful place looks like, where it is located, how it is formed and how it is used today. You are also required to create a product (model, poster or drawing) that shows the key landforms within this spectacular place. Before you start writing you will need to think about the research you will need to do before you start writing. To do this collect a copy of the research document below and begin to fill it in. Be careful to read each section carefully.

Wonderful World - Assessment Task

Activity Two - Create

What to include

      1. Map of where the wonderful place is located.
      2. At least one image of the wonderful place.
      3. Research file which you will do using google docs to answer the questions in the document above.
      4. Glossary of key words
      5. Bibliography that shows you have used information from a range of information from different sources. Try to use at least:
                  • Two web sites
                  • One book
                  • One dictionary
                  • One magazine


                  • You will complete all your work in a google doc which you will share with me.
                  • You can either fill in a copy of the table below or use the questions as subheadings. If you are using subheadings you should have seven of them.
                  • You have a maximum of 700 words to complete this task within.
                  • Use pictures to help show why the place you have chosen are wonderful. Remember to give every picture you use a figure number, title and source of where it is from.
                  • A creative product - this can be either a model, a poster or a drawing.
Wonderful World Grid

How will I be assessed?

Wonderful World Assessment Year 7

Activity Three - Exhibition

Collect a copy of the worksheet below and as you listen to your peers present their 'Wonderful Place' complete it. Note form is good.

Wonderful World Exhibition