002 - Global geopolitical efforts

Geographic Knowledge and Understanding

Government-led adaptation and mitigation strategies for global climate change:

- Global geopolitical efforts, recognising that the source(s) of greenhouse gas emissions may be spatially distant from the countries most impacted.


Global geopolitical efforts have the possibility to mitigate the impact of climate change. All countries hold the power to cause change.


  • To have knowledge and understanding of global geopolitical efforts to mitigate global climate change.

  • To have knowledge and understanding of UN Framework Convention on Climate Change as a government-lead geopolitical effort.

  • To have knowledge and understanding of government-led mitigation strategies.

Key Terminology

            • Geopolitics

            • INDC - Intended Nationally Determined Contributions

Define the terms above by using the 'Useful Links' below.

Useful Link

Activity One - Timeline

Before we look at what is happening today in terms of global agreements to mitigate climate change it is important to see where we have come from.

      • Create a timeline to show the history of climate change negotiations.

Activity Two - Describe

I am sure you have all heard that President Trump has pulled out of the Paris Agreement as he is not sure whether we are the key causes of climate change. It is a controversial stance to have but what is the Paris Agreement? How did it come about? What does it try to do? Watch the YouTube clip below and then read the articles in the 'Useful Resources' box to answer the following questions.

      1. What is the Paris Agreement?

      2. What does the Paris Agreement hope to achieve?

      3. Why was the USA against the Paris Agreement?

      4. What does the Climate Secretary admit failure to?

Paris Agreement

USA Out of Paris Agreement


Activity Three - National Mitigation

It is good to have a global stance on climate change but we all know that if we don't have more local 'buy in' nothing will really change.

      1. For the EU, Australia, China and Morocco describe the national mitigation policies to reduce Greenhouse Gases (GHG).

Useful Resource

Carbon Brief - Paris 2015: Tracking Country Climate Pledges - Click on the INDC after the country to read the summary.

Exam Style Question

State and explain ONE national geopolitical attempt to mitigate the causes of climate change. [1+3]