MYP Individuals and Societies

The MYP encompasses disciplines traditionally associated with the “humanities” such as geography and history, but also incorporates elements of economics, political science, earth sciences and world religions into the curriculum. The multidisciplinary nature of Individuals and Societies encourages a holistic approach to students’ studies to investigate concepts in a local and global context.

Individuals and Societies gives students a forum to study the diversity of human culture, attitudes and beliefs. It allows students to explore their own identity and also encourages students to become responsible members of the local as well as the increasingly interconnected global community. This multi-faceted course equips students with the essential skills to question and challenge concepts by recognising that both content and methodology can be debatable and controversial. There is a strong emphasis on inquiry and investigation to test hypotheses and to interpret primary and secondary material. At the heart of the programme is the focus on real-world examples which make the course relevant and interesting.

Image One - IB Middle Years Programme Diagram

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