012 - Climate Change

Debatable Question

‘Climate change will have a negative impact on your life.’ Discuss this statement.

Key Terminology

            • Climate
            • Hazard
            • Climate Change
            • Greenhouse effect
            • Fossil fuel

Define the words above using your own knowledge and the useful links below as we will be using them throughout the lesson.

Useful Links

Activity One - Think/Puzzle/Explore

We are going to explore the image below and try and suggest what it might be saying to us. Answer the following questions:

    1. What do you think you know?
    2. What puzzles you about this topic?
    3. How might we explore those puzzles?
See, Puzzle, Explore

Activity Two - Watch

It is important to know what climate change is before we can discuss whether it is actually an important issue to investigate. To do this you will be watching the short youtube clip about climate change and to help you answer the questions below.

  1. What is climate change?
  2. What are the causes of climate change?
  3. What are the impacts of climate change?
  4. What can be done to reduce the expected impact of climate change?

Activity Three - Extended Answer

Your task is to write a 500 word (approximately) essay suggesting what your life may be like by the time you are 65 if climate change continues to occur. This is an in class essay which you will write in 90 minutes. The official essay title can be seen below:

‘Climate change will have a negative impact on your life.’ Discuss this statement.

Part One - Research - MindMeister/Google Read and Write

We will be using mindmeister and Google Read and Write as a way to collate your research on climate change. To find out why I have chosen MindMeister and Google Read and Write as our chosen platforms watch the youtube clips below.

      • As you watch both clips write down three benefits that each application may have to help you to prepare for an assignment.

Why use MindMeister?

Why use Google Read and Write?

      • Use Google Read and Write to read each article and to pick out the causes, effects and mitigation (management) of climate change.
      • You can link Google Read and Write notes from you Google Drive to sections on MindMeister.
      • Use MindMeister to plan your essay.
      • Share the mindmap with me so that I can give you advice on how to improve.
      • Include a bibliography on your MindMeister.
      • You will only be allowed to view the MindMeister to write the essay under timed conditions in class.

If you are struggling to find your way around MindMeister watch the useful tutorial below to get you started. Make notes on the aspects that you think you will use to plan your essay.

Part Two - Structure - Suggestions

‘Climate change will have a negative impact on your life.’ Discuss this statement.


  • Give a definition of the key terms e.g. climate change.
  • Explain how climate change occurs.
  • Say why climate change is an important topic to study.
  • Arguments - Does climate change have positive or negative impacts on the planet?
  • How can climate change be managed?


  • This is an in class essay which you will write in 90 minutes.
  • Write a five paragraph essay.
  • The main body paragraphs need to use the PEEL structure.
      • Point - your argument.
      • Explain - the why.
      • Exemplify - any evidence?
      • Link - link back to the question.
  • Use Google Docs to write your mini essay.
      • Create a header within your document and write your name - year - unit name within it.
  • 500 - 750 words
  • Size 12 font
  • Bibliography (MLA format)


Define climate change, why is it occurring and why is this an important topic to study.

Useful Sentence Starters:

      • Climate change is the ... (write the definition)
      • Climate change is importance because...
      • There are many factors which cause climate change such as...

Main Body

Try and have three paragraphs for the main body of the essay. Two of the paragraphs should be describing and explaining either the positive or negative impacts of climte change. The third paragraph should give the opposite view to the other two. This will help to create a balanced argument.

  • Do think about the types of food you will and wont be able to buy.
  • Health as there could be an increase in diseases such as malaria as there will be more mosquitoes.
  • What activities will you now be able to do or not in Europe or your place of birth?
  • How the increase in natural hazards could effect how we live our lives? Think about the extra planning for disasters you may have to do, or the fact that you may be forced to migrate.
  • What positives could there be due to climate change e.g. change in areas which can grow food or the opening up of the North Sea passage.


Summarise the impact of climate change and make suggestions of what could be done to slow down the rate of climate change.

Useful Sentence Starters:

      • It is clear from the evidence given that ... (what impact may climate change have?)
      • There are ways to mitigate (manage) climate change such as...
      • For these forms of management to take place the population ...

Main Body - Food/Disease

Useful Sentence Starters:

  • Climate change can impact the food we eat because...
  • We may no longer be able to grow .... because...
  • We may now be able to grow.. in... because...
  • Our health could be impacted by the change in climate ...
  • In Europe there could be more diseases...

Main Body - Hazards/Migration

Useful Sentence Starters:

  • There could be an increase in natural hazards such as...
  • This increase could happen because...
  • The impact of the increase in hazards will... (how will it impact us?)
  • More people may be forced to migrate because...
  • The impact of the migration ...

Main Body - Trade

Useful Sentence Starters:

  • There could be a change in trade routes...
  • The change could be beneficial because...

Key Terminology

Climate change Fossil fuels Hazards Temperature Carbon Dioxide Greenhouse Gas

Mitigation Spread of disease Desertification Temperature Energy

Wealth Renewable Circular Economy Recycle

How will I be assessed?

You will be assessed using Criterion A - Knowing and Understanding (both strands) Criterion B - Investigating for your MindMeister research, Criterion C - Communicating (all strands) and Criterion D - Thinking Critically with a focus on analysing concepts, making arguments and recognising that people may have different perspectives.