006 - What is a Map?

Factual Question

What is a map?

Why do we need maps?

Activity One - Questions

Many people use maps every day of their lives and while they might not always be using paper copies of maps the electronic versions are very similar. Answer the following questions on paper in full sentences. Remember to use a pen with blue or black ink to write with.

      1. What is a map?
      2. Why are maps important?
      3. Write a sentence describing why the following people would need to understand how to use a map:
                    • A member of the police force
                    • An estate agent
                    • A taxi driver
                    • An ambulance driver
                    • A hiker
                    • A Geography teacher


      • Can you think of any other people who would need to be able to read a map?

Activity Two - Create

Many of us don´t always remember the street names or use compass directions when describing to someone how to get to a certain place. What we do remember are certain features that stand out such as a certain building to a strange looking tree. I am useless at road names but which shop to turn left at to get to my destination and I am more likely to get there without getting lost.

      • Your task is to develop an extended piece of writing that describes your route to school from home.
      • No more than 500 words.
      • The route will be illustrated with simple diagrams of the key features you pass in your descriptions.


Look at the document image below for an example of how to write and draw your route to school. Collect a piece of A4 plain paper from the trolley at the front of the classroom.

Imagination Map.pdf