005 - Exploration

Factual Question

What components constitute a successful research question?

Debatable Question

How have scientific and technical innovations aided exploration?

Key Terminology

            • Research Question

Useful Links

Activity One - Research

Within Resource 7 you have eight cities that are related to a key exploration event. The description for each event is quite short and therefore we are going to take the time to 'flesh' that information out. The group will be divided into teams of 2 or 3 and each one will be given a specific location to focus on.

      1. Make a copy of the Google Doc below for your location.
      2. Share that Google Doc with your team of 2 or 3 people.
      3. You will have 15 minutes to research the discovery.
      4. Make a copy of all the other Google Docs below.
      5. Each team will present to the group their findings. While a team is presenting the remainder of the group will fill in the relevant Google Doc with further information.
San Francisco

Activity Two - Research Questions

One of the skills that you may be asked to do is to create a series of research questions, but how do you create a successful research question?

      1. Write down what you think a research question is.
      2. Write down what you think should be included within a research questions?
      3. Read through Source 7 of the pre-release material and individually create five research questions. In the 'Useful Resources' box there is a list of command terms. Make sure you write your questions down.
      4. You will now be put into groups to share your research questions.
      5. Critique your team mates research questions and suggest how they could be improved.
      6. Choose your team's best research question to share with the group on the Padlet.

Useful Resource

MYP Command Terms (3).pdf

Activity Three - Create

We are now going to design a number of travel routes to visit the different locations in Source 7. To do this we are going to use Google MyMaps. You will be given a series of scenarios to develop routes for. Each route will be recorded as a separate layer on your Google MyMap.

      1. Go to Google MyMaps and log in using your school email address.
      2. Press the red Plus button in the bottom right corner to create a new map.
      3. Give your map a sensible title.
      4. Title the first layer 'Shortest Route'.
      5. Design the shortest route to visit all of the key exploration sites.
      6. In the grey bar press 'add layer'.
      7. Title the second layer 'Historical chronology'.
      8. Design a route that visits each site in chronological order.
      9. Add a third layer.
      10. Title the third layer 'Most Important Discoveries'.
      11. Design a route to visit the four most important discoveries.
      12. What is the distance of this third route?
      13. Justify why you have chosen those discoveries.
      14. Add a fourth layer.
      15. Title the fourth layer 'Most Interesting Discoveries'.
      16. Design a route to visit the four most interesting discoveries.
      17. What is the distance of this fourth route?
      18. Justify why you have chosen those discoveries.

How to Use Google MyMaps