003 - Gender equality

and anti-trafficking

Geographic Knowledge and Understanding

Policies associated with managing population change, focusing on:

- gender equality policies

- anti-trafficking policies


Regions that embrace gender equality create the potential for a more powerful future. Anti-Trafficking policies create the possibility for positive change between places.

Key Terminology

            • Human Trafficking

            • Human Smuggling - this one we will define by watching the youtube clip in Activity Two.

Define the key terms above by using the 'useful link' below:

Useful Link

Activity One - Describe - Inequality

Being equal is something that is perhaps or at least should be seen as normal between the genders. Unfortunately very few countries give equal rights to both genders and it is often women who are losing out. It is a well documented fact that women earn 9.8% less than men in the UK and it can be as much as 18.2% less in the USA. Even Switzerland is often seen as a very developed and equal society but pays women on average 12.5% less than men. But it is not just finances that women lose out in.

      1. Mind map the different areas that women currently do not have equal rights for. Do this in general to begin with.

      2. Now watch the two youtube clips below and write down areas that you may have missed.

Activity Two - Describe - Smuggling/Trafficking

I think we can all agree that human trafficking is wrong and surely the process should have stopped when slavery was abolished in the early 1800s. Yet the trafficking of people for forced labour or to work in the sex trade is still prevalent. Smuggling is also something we are seeing more and more as people try to get into regions which are economically more stable for a better way of life.

      • Watch the two youtube clips below and mind map the different aspects of human trafficking.

Can you spot human trafficking?

What is human trafficking?

Activity Three - Research

Now you know what the issues are and why it has been added to the DP Geography guide is important to have information about real-world policies. The UN does have an impact on government policies. In fact, the UN Sustainable Development Goals have impacted the EU's policies which in turn has impacted national policies. Global thinking can at times effect positive local change. The group is going to be divided up into three teams. One team will look at gender equality and the other team will focus on anti-trafficking policies (trafficking). To do this you will be filling in copies of the worksheets below on A1 paper using the resources in the 'Useful Resources' box.

Useful Resources

Gender Equality


Exam Style Question

To what extent can anti-trafficking policies ever be successful? [10 marks]