003 - Reflection

Factual Questions

What is a reflection?

How successful has this IDU been?

Key Terminology

            • Reflection

Define what the word reflection means using your own knowledge and the useful link below.

Useful Link

Activity One - Write

Your task is to write a reflection on the 'Relationships in Time and Space' - historical fiction IDU. It is good to know what you have learnt from this process and whether it has been beneficial to work with two departments.

Key Requirements

      • 45 minutes to write it
      • Approximately 300 words - this is only a guideline and you can write more.

Potential Questions to Answer

Sometimes it is a little difficult to start writing a reflection, so to help you there are a number of questions below to focus your thoughts.

      1. How have the skills you have learnt in English helped you to write a successful historical story? E.g. has it helped you to organise your work?
      2. What other skills would you have liked to have learnt?
      3. What skills have you learnt in I&S that have helped you to write a successful historical story? E.g. have you become more open-minded?
      4. How has the content and understanding of historical accuracy helped you to write a successful historical story?
      5. What would you have liked to have learnt about this period of history that would have helped you to write a historical story?
      6. How has working with two departments affected your writing of a historical story?
      7. How can writing historical fiction affect your understanding of history?
      8. Did you face any challenges when writing this story and how did you overcome them?
      9. Are there any recommendations that you have for us to help improve the IDU process?
      10. Do you have any advice for next years Year 8 on how to complete this project successfully?

How will I be assessed?

Criteria D - Reflection

IDU Reflection Assessment Criteria