002 - Anti-immigration Movements

Geographic Knowledge and Understanding

Local and civil society resistance to global interactions.

Rise of anti-immigration movements.


Anti-immigration movements have power in some places. The rise of these movements is causing different forms of power to grow.


  • To have knowledge and understanding of the rise of at least one anti-immigration movement within a country.
  • To be able to link anti-immigration movements with resistance to global interactions.

Key Terminology

            • Nationalism
            • Migrant Crisis
            • Populism

The key terms above we have used before but in case you can't remember their meaning use the 'Useful Links' below to help you.

Useful Links

Activity One - Detailed Example

We have looked at why people migrate between countries in the 'Core' and we have looked at the impact that they can have in this paper, so we are not going to go through the reasons again. For this syllabus point we are going to focus on the why countries are trying to control the rate of migration and how they are doing it. Anti-immigration movements are often linked to the perceived threat of change that could be caused by migration. Newspapers are helping to spread anti-immigration thought and as a result xenophobic ideals are on the rise. Answer the following questions using the information in the 'Useful Resources' box.

      1. Choose a country that has a visible anti-immigration movement.
      2. Describe the immigration situation in your chosen country.
        • Where are the majority of immigrants coming from?
        • Is the ‘issue’ with all immigrants or only a certain sub-set?
      3. What is the name of the anti-immigration movement in the country you are focusing upon?
        • What is the history of the named movement?
        • How large is their following?
        • Have they had any successes in recent elections or similar?
        • What is the details of their stance on immigration?
      4. Who is the ‘public face’ of the anti-immigration movement you are focused upon?
        • What is the ‘story’ of this public figure?
      5. Find and detail a recent news report regarding an incident in the country you are focusing upon where the anti-immigration movement was involved - or expressed an opinion in the aftermath.
      6. POWER - How powerful is the anti-immigration movement you have focused upon?
      7. PROCESS - Which processes (chain of events or similar) have been involved in the growth of the anti-immigration movement?
      8. PLACE - Can you state any of the key locations involved in the anti-immigration movement’s growth? Has the anti-immigration changed the nature of any places?
      9. POSSABILITIES - What is the likely future for the anti-immigration movement you have focused upon?

Useful Resources

Exam Style Question

Using examples, analyse the rise of anti-immigration movements. [12 marks]

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