001 - Measurements of regional and global disparities

Syllabus Point

Define (AO1) indices of infant mortality, education, nutrition, income, marginalization and Human Development Index (HDI)

Explain (AO2) the value of the indices in measuring disparities across the globe.

Taken From: http://www.toonpool.com/user/4319/files/millennium_development_goals_977515.jpg

Key Terminology

  • Define
  • Explain
  • Infant mortality
  • Marginalisation
  • Human Development Index
  • Indices
  • Composite

Define the words above using the 'Command Term' posters in the class room, your 'IB DP Geography Course Companion' by Nagle and Cooke and the useful links below:

Useful Links

Activity One - Define

To answer the questions below use your 'Geography Course Companion' text book by Nagel and Cooke pages 28-32 or if you have the text book 'Geography for the IB Diploma' by Guinness pages 76-89.

  1. What is qualitative data?
  2. What is quantitative data?
  3. What is composite data?
  4. Watch the youtube clip above and write down why we collect data. What is the purpose of having numerical data?
  5. For each of the indices in the syllabus point above what indices would you use to compare regions or countries? Justify why you have chosen that form of indices.
  6. What are the benefits and problems of using this data?
  7. In your opinion which is the best indices in measuring global disparities and why?
  8. For our focus countries (USA, UK, China, Brazil, Morocco, Ethiopia) find the data for 2015 (or as close to that year as you can get) for each indices.

Useful Links

Activity Two - Development Gap

As am I sure you are aware by now geographers like to be able to model or present their findings in some form of graph or visual representation. When looking at levels of development it is important to have knowledge of the Brandt line and an understanding of Rostow's Model of Development.

The Brandt Line

Taken From: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/4/41/Simple_world_map.svg/2000px-Simple_world_map.svg.png
  • Take an A4 piece of paper and draw a 'SIMPLE' map of the world. Remember being able to draw a quick sketch map is a geographical skill. Either use the map above or the ones stuck to the tables to help you.
  • By using the useful links below, draw the Brandt line on to your world map and then answer the following questions:
      1. What does the Brandt line show?
      2. Who developed the Brandt line and what was the purpose of it?
      3. What are the criticisms of the Brandt line today?

Rostow's Model of Develpment

Answer the following questions using the image below, the slideshare and the last link in useful links.

Taken From: http://www.gcsegeography.co.uk/_/rsrc/1392380955477/people-and-the-planet/development-dilemmas/the%20rostow%20model.png?height=727&width=1350
  1. Draw out the model above.
  2. Describe the five stages of development.
  3. What are the main points and examples of the model.
  4. What are the weaknesses and limitations of the model?

Useful Links