001 - Divergent


Geographic Knowledge and Understanding

Divergent thinking about population and resource consumption trends:

Pessimistic views, including neo-Malthusian views

Optimistic views, including Boserup

Balanced views, including resource stewardship

Key Concepts

Knowing the different views surrounding resource consumption can give countries the power to utilise their resources effectively.


  • To have knowledge and the understanding of the contrasting views on resource consumption.

Key Terminology

            • Stewardship
            • Divergent
            • Neo-Malthusian thought
            • Boserup

We will be using the words above during the course of the lesson. If you get to the end of the lesson and you are still not sure what they are click on the useful links below to find out their meaning.

Useful Links

Activity One - Comprehension

Thank you Mr. Allaway for the worksheet - for more Geography resources go to www.geographyalltheway.com. Watch the youtube clip below of historians showing you that History is old Geography to help you fill in the first few questions.

3. Resource stewardship