005 - Too Few or

Too Many

Debatable Question:

To what extent is the management and interventions placed on people influenced by resource sustainability?

Approaches to Learning

Communication skills - Reading, writing and using language to gather and communicate information -Take effective notes in class.

Key Terminology

            • Pro-natalist policy

            • Anti-natalist policy

            • Geriatric

The key terminology will be discussed in the lesson but if you are still unsure then you can click on the links below to find the definitions.

Useful Links

Activity One - Think, Pair, Share - Visible Thinking Routine

To introduce the issues that could occur in countries that are beginning to have an uneven population structure we are going to find out what you already know. What is your prior knowledge on the issues that can occur if we have too many or too dependents?

'Think, Pair, Share' Visible Thinking Routine - discuss the advantages and disadvantages of having too many youthful or ageing dependents within a country.

            1. Collect a copy of the worksheet.

            2. Define the term dependency ratio using the link in the 'Useful Resources' box and write it on your worksheet.

            3. Name two countries with a large youthful dependency ratio and write it on the hand out - use the World Bank link.

            4. Name two countries with a large ageing dependency ratio and wite it on the hand out - use the World Bank link.

            5. What are the positives and negatives of having too many or too few young people or an ageing population. Think individually and then write your ideas on your worksheet. If you are struggling to start there are four images to help prompt your thoughts.

            6. Pair with the person next to you and share your thoughts so far.

            7. Share with the whole group your ideas. We will be using the 'sticks' - no hands up!

Image Three - Age UK

Image Four - Jamaica Gleaner

Think, pair, share - Too few and too many

Activity Two

We are now going to 'flesh' out your thoughts of the advantages and disadvantages of a youthful or dependent society by watching two YouTube clips and reading two articles. Collect a copy of the grid in the 'Useful Resources' box to record your findings.

Useful Resources

Too Few or Too Many?