002 - Consumerism and culture

Syllabus Point

Describe (AO1) the role of TNCs and the media in spreading consumer culture.

Select two different branded commodities and examine (AO3) the spatial and temporal pattern of adoption on a global scale.

Key Terminology

  • Describe
  • Examine
  • Spatial
  • Temporal
  • TNC

Define the terms above using the 'Global Interactions' textbook by Guinness, the 'Command Word' posters in the classroom and the links below.

Useful Resources

Activity One - Watch and Discuss

Bond - A British Brand?

Need to go to YouTube to watch it - Bond - Product Placement

Selling English Style

Sunspel and Bond
Taken From: http://www.executivestyle.com.au/content/dam/images/1/m/i/b/a/f/image.gallery.galleryLandscape.620x414.1mibnz.png/1429505831607.jpg
  1. In what ways does the media spread information about products? Use examples.
  2. How do TNCs develop the idea of a consumer culture?
  3. Evaluate the success of the methods you have mentioned for questions 1 and 2.
  4. Make notes from the text book 'Global Interactions' pages 156 - 160.

Activity Two - Case Study

Develop a case study for two branded commodities on how they have spread throughout the world in terms of time and place. I would recommend that you focus on Coca Cola (Coke) and McDonalds. You need to make sure you include not just a historical account but actually what has allowed this products to be become readily available throughout the world.

          • Have these commodities changed to adapt to different environments? Glocalisation.
          • Why have people adopted these products?

Useful Resources - Coca Cola

'Global Interactions' text book by Guinness pages 163 to 166.

Globalisation of Coca Cola

Coca Cola

Useful Resources - McDonalds

Glocalisation McDonalds

Exam Style Question

'Wealth is drained out of local economies into the hands of a very few, rich elite.' Discuss

(15 marks)