003 - Nuclear Weapons: A Case Study

Factual Question

What is a case study?

Debatable Question

To what extent does the ownership of nucler weapons create negative geographic factors for a country?

Key Terminology

            • Geographic Factors (social, economic, environmental and politcal)

Activity One - Case Study

Today, the ownership of nuclear weapons remains a politically contentious issue. It is your task to develop a case study of nuclear weapons in a country of your choice.

      1. We will initially watch the YouTube clip together. All you need to do is listen.
      2. Using Image Two, describe the location of countries that have the potential to make nuclear weapons.
      3. Choose a country who has the potential (or already has) to make nuclear weapons and create a case study on that Nation. An outline of what a case study is can be found below.

What is a Case Study?

A case study is used to illustrate a thesis statement or principle. In this case you are going to explain why a country needs to have the procurement of nuclear weapons. Your case study needs to include the following elements:

            • Reasons why the country has nuclear weapons.
            • History of nuclear development within the country.
            • Cost of nuclear weapons.
            • Impact of having nuclear weapons. Remember impact includes the positive and negative factors.

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