007 - Water, Water Everywhere?

Factual Question

How has the change in global population created (caused ) a situation where our water use is unsustainable?

Key Terminology

  • Water footprint

  • Green, blue, and grey water.

  • Embedded water

  • Aquifer

Define the key terms above by using the 'Useful Links' below:

Useful Links

Activity One - Watch

It is all well and good discussing how much water is used in which country but it would be good to discover how much actual freshwater there is out there and what we use our water for. Watch the Youtube clip below and write notes with numbers to illustrate:

  1. Where we get our water from?

  2. How do we use our water sources?

  3. Create a mindmap of all the ways that you have used freshwater today. Actual and virtual.

NASA - Show me the water

Activity Two - Describe

As we often do in the geographically focused unit we use graphs as evidence to illustrate patterns and trends. Remember a trend is something that happens over time and a pattern is something that recurs. We are going to be focusing on how our global water use has changed over time and how much water we withdraw per capita (per person).

  1. Using the graph, describe the trend of global freshwater use. Don't forget to include data in your answer.

  2. Using the map, describe the pattern of water withdrawal per capita in 1960 and 2015. Don't forget to include data in your answer.

  3. Write down three facts about our use of water, using the first link in the 'Useful Resources' box.

  4. Using the link in the 'Useful Resources' box, describe how agriculture, industry, and households use the water.

Activity Three - Explore

For activity one, you wrote down how you had personally used water as a resource today. We are now going to work our your own personal water use using the water calculator in the 'Useful Resources' box below.

  1. Calculate your water use.

  2. Does anything surprise you? Explain your answer.

  3. How does wealth impact our use of water?

Useful Resources

Water Calculator

Activity Four - Watch

We are now going to put our use of water in a global context and to, hopefully, gain knowledge of the fact that we are facing a global water crisis. As you watch the YouTube clip mind map the causes and impacts of our water use. Use colours to help you to group key themes together.

  • How much water are we using?

  • Why is there pressure on our water?

  • A detailed example of the potential war that could be created due to the access rights to this water source (USA and Mexica).

  • What can we do to use the water more sustainably?