001 - What was it


Factual Question

What were the middle ages in Europe like?

Debatable Question

Were the middle ages really 'dark'?

Key Terminology

            • Chivalry
            • Middle Ages

Define the key terms above using the useful links below and write the definitions on lined paper. Remember to use full sentences.

Useful Links

Activity One - Watch

For this first activity we are going to find out what the middle ages were actually like. To do this we are going to watch two clips.

      • For the first youtube clip we will watch it together and I would like you to write down everything it tells you about the Middle Ages on the padlet. We will be using the padlet as I am sure you know Crash Course History goes a bit quick!
      • For the second clip we are going to using videonot.es. This is an online application that stores the youtube clip along with the notes you make together. Below the youtube clips is an explanation of how to use videonot.es but don't panic we will go through how to use it together.

Videonot.es - How to use it??

    • Click on the website - www.videonot.es - or search for videonot.es
    • Sign in using your school account using the 'sign-in' button found in the top right hand corner of the screen.
    • Copy and paste the url for the youtube clip below into the URL bar on the left hand side of the page and then press load video.
    • Give your notes a sensible title e.g. 2017 - Year 8 - Medieval Europe - What was it like?

Image One - Using Videonot.es

Activity Two - Describe

For this activity we are going to be looking at a series of images to find out what was good about the Middle Ages and what was not. Complete the bullet points below and the second set of bullet points after the first set of images.

          1. Describe what is happening in each of the first four pictures.
          2. What do those pictures tell us about Medieval Europe?
          3. Now describe the second set of four pictures.
          4. What does the second set tell us about the Middle Ages.

First Set of Images

Second Set of Images

Activity Three - Thoughts

You have now watch two youtube clips and viewed eight images to find out what the Middle Ages were like. Now write an opinion piece to answer the question below. Write no more than 300 words.

      1. Using your descriptions of the images above do you think the Middle Ages were a violent and uneducated era? Explain your answer.